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Originally Posted by Ted West
Thank you gentlemen,

I picked it up a year ago and spent some time on it. Nothing major:
- Shock bearings and bushings
- Fork seals and oil
- Replaced broken shifter spring
- New fenders
- New seat cover

The bike actually has low hours and starts on the 1st or 2nd kick. I took it into the woods a few weeks ago to keep its spirit intact (not a show piece, just a well preserved dirt bike) and I figured I'd just ride around gently. She wouldn't stand for it and the next thing I know I was rolling on the power and flying off rock jumps etc. The thing is, the bike handles extremely well and the power is ridiculous. I look at how simplistic all of the decisions are compared to modern bikes and I have to say, modern bikes take the long way around the technology block for modest gains. You can see why guys won on the old Husqvarnas. It was real education riding this bike that hard and one of the best experiences I've ever had on a motorcycle. It was the best!

Thanks for letting me share with the class. Peace and enjoy the holidays
Nice piece ya got there Dont be afraid to flogg that thing thats what it was made for.
"The world does not need another restored bike."
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