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Originally Posted by Steffo
It was just an idea. Easy on the "noob" parts please. I am quite sure I can handle even a 1000cc without much difficulty on a track. Perhaps not fastest though. Thankyouverymuch.
First, that's not a great assumption on your part.

Second, it wasn't actually a insult, if it matters. Everybody is a noob at some point. My first crash was at my first trackday, in the slow group, on a 600...and was 100% the result of too much speed and too little skill. I eventually progressed up to A group pace, and even then I didn't want any more power than my [2001] CBR 600 had. 130 mph might not seem like much out on an open road, but on a track it is STUPID fast, thankyouverymuch.

Third, note that I'm a California trackday snob. I'm of the impression that if you can't lap in the A group, you shouldn't have a 1000cc bike on the track, period. Anything with more than 70-80hp or so is not a good idea for a track noob, IMHO.

Bottom line though, it comes back to finances. If you can't afford to buy an inexpensive trackbike, you simply can't afford to spend the better part of what a trackbike costs to modify your expensive road bike for the track.
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