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When I left off we were riding across a swath of big woods seperating northern New Hampshire and Maine. The road we took was a good 60 miles long if I remember correctly.

These roads were just made for the big dualies. The riding and scenery were superb.

Well around 3pm I belive it was, we finally (not that we wanted to end) popped out into Maine. My GPS was telling me to go south. And we needed to refuel both our stomachs and bikes. So, you can imagine my surprise when I come around this cornor and at this little general store was a congregation of adventure bikes ! I quickly think to myself "Surely I know at least one of these guys from ADV Rider"

As we pull in the local riders spy our NJ tags. And bingo ! They said "holy flip! you must be Dockingpilot" ! Yep, I knew these great bunch of guys. You see, when I was agonizing over planning this route across Maine, they gave me assistance in routing many months prior. They new I was out here somewhere and just by luck, and I mean by minutes, we crossed paths ! And Maine is a huge state !!

A reunion of sorts was had, with bs flying and shaking hands. It was great to meet these Mainers in person.

Sam, TSlapper & BMWKLR ask us where we plan to stay tonight. I said where ever we find ourselves. It was getting late in the day now. They both said, we'll we have the ultimate camp spot for you guys. It's not close, but Sam said "I'll lead you there boys if you like"

We jumped on the offer.

Sam mounts his 990 and we head out. He is leading us to thier "secret" ADV camp spot. Sam insisted on blind folding us for the last 5 miles in .
It would take us a good hour to get there and it was pretty far back in. I was tracking it on my GPS so I could find our way out on the am.

Sam stops at this loney fuel station and advises us to top off. We'll need it he says coming out in the am.

And after a lot of dirt going in we finally arrive at the spot.

And yes, it was to die for.

Bruce and I thank Sam for his hospitality. He's a good guy.

Sam departs before we loose all light. He has to ride out alone too. Which doesn't seem to bother these guys up here at all.
Thanks Sam, we never would have found a spot like this without you fellas.

DK starts dinner

And the Loons start to call..........

It was magical

Good night
Frank Reinbold

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