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Originally Posted by holycaveman
LOL no the rider on the 400 does not instantly become better, Does he learn better skills by switching bikes? NO, he still makes the same mistakes, except he doesn't have as much weight to pick up. So he feels like he is riding better, when in fact he is not.

Your wager is only true in mud. Mud is harder to ride with a heavier bike.But real trails like we have here that are very technical, the guys on the taller small bikes struggle more if they are not a decent rider. That is where I can take someone on a smaller bike, throw them on the KLR, and show them how they can ride very tecnical setions much easier than a taller high strung lightweight. And a husky 610 by the way is definatly harder to ride offroad than a KLR hands down.

Yes the shock is harsher on a shorter travel bike, but long travel still is not nessasary, just makes a smoother ride.

My main argument is skill, wich we are just battling bike ergos. One ounce of skill outdoes a major weight reduction every single time. I am not saying that a smaller bike is not easier to pick up, or a long travel bike doesn't ride smoother. I am saying that the heavy bikes are so much more capable than the general public believes. That one guy who dares to improve his skills will out preform in every way a man who simply switched bikes. I have seen this time and time again.

Yet all I hear on the net is " what bike will be best for me" I have taken guys off of drz's that would not cross a 12in log, and they now can cross a 24in log with a new KLR. So now skill outdoes the drz's lighter weight by a mile. Why all the talk of bikes?? its has so little to do with preformance with the same rider aboard. And no one on adv can come close to mastering even a KLR. I know this because I have not mastered mine fully yet.

I used to think like you, trust me. I just didn't know anything except race bikes, and racing. I thought the KLR's and like bikes were pigs. When in fact they can be great off road machines.

And the thing is, if a person won't take the time to learn on a heavy bike, they certainly won't learn on a smaller bike where everything seems easier. So they don't end up improving at all.

How a person actually rides a bike, and how they think they are riding is totally different. IF they only new the truth.
I've been sitting here reading this thread, got to here and could go no further without saying something.......................
You say you give riding schools?
Then come out with a statement like the the one highlighted!
People PAY you?
Christ almighty, I could've been a millionare!

I've had KLR's
I've ridden most everything.
Your statement is possibly the single most ridiculous thing that I have ever seen on this site. And that's really saying something considering the dumb shit that gets said here.
A KLR? A fucking KLR? Easier to ride OFFROAD that a Husky 610?
HOLY SHIT! I don't know who needs more or the poor stupid fucks that listen to your line of shit. Are you fucking serious? I guess a 1200GSA must be easier to ride offroad than a GAS GAS 250, because the x-tra weight is good, right? Crap suspension actually HELPS, right? YEAH, that's it!

Now, I fully realize that I'm not the riding GOD that you are, and that I've never set a knobby on a trail anywhere near as technical as what you have mastered, but I still have to wonder......................

a KLR is easier to ride offroad than a Husky 610???

I guess if I were the accomplished Master of Motorcycling, such as yourself, I'd be able to go just as fast "offroad" with my 950 Adventure "S" as with my snivelling little shit-box 525EXC.

I may need one of your "classes" to bring my skills up to par!

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