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Originally Posted by RedPower
Like Walter said it was a time issue. You know I would have rode to get it, but right now my Dads health matter does not allow me much free time to ride.
Totally understand. There are a lot of things more important then our silly TOR games. I just went out today to keep the game moving, and get us back on page 1.

The Coons Path tag was actually pretty easy from either end. You would have been bored on any of your bikes. I was just making it sound hard to psych StBob and his new shiny bike out!

Hunting season has started today, and I saw tons of pick-ups parked near almost every dirt road I came to. I thought it was safer to put the tag on an easily accessible dirt road so that we wouldn't be getting shot.

Sorry if this looks too easy for most of you!

p.s., hope your Dad gets better quickly!
later, *
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