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Originally Posted by meat popsicle
So the issue here is the later model LC4s come with two cheap bearings that fail earlier/more often and cause you to either buy lots of replacement bearings from KTM (w/markup... ) or if you read this thread you might replace the whole shebang with the older setup that has the good expensive bearing - that lasts longer.

My mind is slipping - how much longer does the good expensive bearing last on average?
First, the bearings for both setups are commonly available from industrial bearing suppliers. No need to pay the KTM prices.

Second, I don't claim to know for sure which bearing setup is better. I also don't have any facts on the longevity of either setup. I said earlier that the newer setup needed changing at 15tkm, while the older setup has now lasted for 30tkm with no signs of wear. However, in both of these cases, the bikes are pre-owned with no real knowledge of past service history. I really don't want to convey a notion that either setup would be superior to the other, or that based on my ramblings someone would actually switch from the newer setup.

In (adventure) motorcycle use, dirt and water contamination of the bearings plays a significant role in bearing wear. Perhaps the bearing service life in this case is more a function of the external operating conditions than the actual imposed load.

It seems that KTM also used similar angular contact bearings earlier on the rear sprocket carrier of the LC8 models, but changed to a double ball bearing setup around the same time as on the LC4 models.

Last, the only issue, in my opinion, that exists with this rear sprocket carrier is the discrepancy in the fiches. If the new setup was somehow significantly inferior in performance, one would think that we would be hearing much more about it.


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