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Joined: Apr 2008
Location: Road Island
Oddometer: 5,912

Bar Graph Tachometer 12,000 rpm
Digital Tachometer & Warning 100-19,900 rpm, 100 rpm increment
Speedometer 2.4-300 km/h (187.5 m/h)
Trip Meter 0.0-9,999.99 km/m
Odometer 0.0-99,999.9 km, 0.0-62,499.9 m
Maximum Speed 2.4-300.0 km/h (187.5 m/h)
Average Speed 2.4-300.0 km/h (187.5 m/h)
12/24 Hour Clock 0:00:00-11:59:59/23:59:59
Riding Timer 0-99:59:59
Total Riding Timer 0-9,999:59:59
It's pretty slick with two trip odometers and a real odometer that keeps its memory.
XS650 becomes a VT BackRoadRunner
Loving the 80ST
I love projects that take twice as much effort as should be needed. Should be an Airhead motto. (disston)
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