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Originally Posted by bmwhacker

Could a person possibly wire in the "Red Emergency Flasher light" on the pod to use as the BMW charging light? Or will the BMW charging system wiring complexity interfere with that application? Thanks......
The problem is with the way BMW uses the charge light, not the way that Acewell does theirs.... so, the same "problem" would exist in trying to make any of the other lights work.... the Acewell uses the 12v "-" as the ground to all of the lights, which is standard wiring. BMW uses the blue output wire from the diode board as the "ground"....

BMW's system works fine, it just cannot be wired into a standard "+" and "-". It is probably a holdover from the old generator days, it was pretty standard on those old cars that actually had a generator (as opposed to today's alternators)

My solution, next time around, would be to order the unit that does not have the "gen" light, and simply use an external light (like I did on this bike, since I ended up with an un-used indicator within the pod.... )

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