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In the Pie of All Knowledge, I reckon I've got a pretty small slice. So, I'm always looking to enlarge my little piece. Call me an opportunist...

Last year, while freezing our toes off on a brutal winter dualsport ride in the Kiamichi Mtns of Oklahoma, my Texan friend Monty painfully suggests, "why don't we go down to Big Bend National Park next year....where its a whole lot warmer on the Mexican border?" Hhhhmmm....warmer...never been there....loooong ride from home......I like it. Let's go!

For various reasons we selected a departure date immediately following Thanksgiving Day. And with a year to plan, you'd think we'd easily be ready by departure date. Well actually, I was! But Monty had "issues". Its 4 days prior to departure and I'm ready to roll:

But Monty's bike looks like this:


For reasons only he can explain, Monty decided to have a looksee under the hood just prior to our departure! Oh well, sure hope he makes our rendezvous point in West Texas on Day 1. I'll be 400 miles to get to that point. Won't be too much waiting (on either of us) before moving on. And NO....I don't need no stinking trailer to haul my bike down there. This is gonna be a KLR Ride....All The Way, Baby!!! It was time to spread some love around my stable. My little blue Yamaha WR250R has been getting all the attention for the last several months. But I digress...

The scene at Rancho Highfive following Thanksgiving dinner:

Monty or No Monty....I'm ready to go!

Day 1:

Here I am waiting on clearance from the Tower after filing my flight plan.

Wheels up at 5:49 am. Woohoo ! ! !

But golly its cold....REALLY COLD. About 28 degrees at departure. But I wasn't going to let that discourage me. After all, I was heading South. It HAS to get warmer going South....right? Wishful thinking anyway.

I wasn't about to miss my first sunrise of the trip:

Question: Why does it always seem to get COLDER right after the sunrise? I tell you I was fine until this point. But the next hour of riding was brutual....totally brutal. I felt like a popsicle in a freezer by the time I rolled into McAllister, OK just 2 hours from home. Had to make a stop at McDonalds to thaw out. During this pitstop, I made a new discovery....Yup, added something to my piece of pie:

As they say, Necessity is the Mother of All Invention. Well, "they" ain't lyin. While I stood here warming my "insides" an old man walks into the Restroom and gives me a strange stare. Then, he smiles and says, "I never thought of that before". My simple reply was, "Me Neither".

Now let me see....I've only got 280 miles left to go to reach the Rendezvous Point. Ho-chi-momma!

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