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Airhead Red Gen Light

When I start the r65 the red gen light comes on. Its not until I rev up a little that it goes away. From what I understand this is normal to some degree.

There is a weird noise coming from the engine...Appears to be coming from the front cover. I am still testing but sounds like its coming from the rotor area. Sounds like a circular noise...maybe a bearing? Noise fads out on revving I believe. I almost would describe the noise as churping....yes, like a birdie. (no birds are behind the cover)

Just got back from a 1000 miles 3 day trip, I ran my gerbings liner and gloves full tilt. Noise was present the entire time. Its been 10 days since I started the bike. Appears that the battery is not at full charge b/c I could not start the bike.

And I guess I should say bike has had this light and noise for the past 8 months. Just now getting around to fixing it.

Maybe the battery is going bad or the rotor or something else. I kinda think the battery is ok. Any ideas?
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