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It was rather painful to leave Cooper's BBQ joint.....not because of any emotional attachment, but because we both ate too much. Onward mush as we race southward into the darkness. Thinking we have a long way to go because there just aren't very many places to camp along these roads. Everything is fenced in by private ranches.

But suddenly and unexpectedly, we make a wonderful discovery only 15 miles away from Llano: "The Oxford Campground". A private ranch which Welcomes campers onto their beautiful (& large) estate. We sneak deep into the backwoods and setup camp at a beautiful enclave in the trees near a pond.


Rise & Shine. Plenty of peace, quiet, & firewood residing here.

I really like this spot, and could easily stay another day around these parts. Before long, I take a hike into the woods to "see a man about a horse". But what's this I find upon returning....

The Trailboss is already working on his bike....

Seems he was losing sleep over that nagging blinker problem. With a little encouragement we find the well hidden flasher unit and dissect it.

But no luck making a trailside fix, the little contact motor is just too pooped to putter. Monty felt so bad about it, I kindly offered to make run back into Llano and see if I can find a suitable replacement. No luck. Everything auto is 3-prong, Frankenstein needs a 2-prong flasher. But I tried...

Suddenly, Monty is in a HURRY again. Apparently, we've lost WAY too much time breaking camp. And you'd think it was MY bike that was laying in pieces on the ground. But what do I know....??

This is where I learned the Most Important Lesson of this next chapter in Highfive's Excellent Adventures: "Everything that goes wrong on this trip is my fault, and everything that goes right is Monty's responsibility." Hhhhhmmmm.....and interesting twist in the rules, I think.

I can tell that Monty needs something in his calm his nerves. So, I teach him a Grand new fire trick: "Biscuits on a Stick".

He was a skeptic at first. But I quickly found a new convert who was looking for some honey & butter...

Its easy peasy....just buy some canned biscuits and stretch one out (elongate) then gently wrap around a stick and cook it slowly. MMmmgood.

Soon we're on are way racing through some more fine Texas Hillcountry. I think we went down Hwy 16 near Bandera. Wow, what a great a chute through the cliffs. Monty was showing off with his new big bore 685 kit from Schnitz Racing and setting a blistering pace. Then it happened. He got stopped by a LEO, and somehow I got roped into the deal even though I was WAY behind. Go figure. Now I must apologize for the lack of a LEO photo.....since that was my fault. Apparently I hid Monty's camera in his glove box (too deeply) while I was surely sleepwalking the prior night. Or some such story....

Eventually, we need to make some serious tracks Westward to get to the Big Bend Park. That's when I spot a terrific shortcut on my gps.....a County Road. But it turned into a few gates...

Ok....maybe a lot of gates...

Aaahh...who's counting anyway. Must have been 10 of them, one every half mile or so. But hey look, "Something Old & Something New"

That was cool. At least I thought so.

Now for the really big OOPS or was it WOOPS? My nice shortcut dead-ended into a private farmhouse that was the basecamp of rather zealous group of deer hunters. Indeed it was prime deer season, and actually about 4:00 pm in the afternoon. That'd be primetime to go get into your treestand for all you Yankees. While the men didn't look so happy to see us, they did behave bravely and send their woman out to instruct us. Actually, she was quite pretty all dressed up in her camo. She explained this was a private ranch and we had to go back thru all those gates to the main road....yada yada. Said not to worry....a big RV pulled in just the week before (doing same thing we did). Somebody needs to tell those Garmin Mapsource folks, I reckon.

Now, I must apologize again, for not getting a photo of the pretty lady in camo with all the mad men in the background. Apparently I did something to cause Monty's lens to fail to open too. Man, these "bad things" are starting to pile up on me! I think I'll let Monty explain the rest of Day 2 from his vantage point.

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