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Everybody knows that HighFive is the master chef of food cooked on a stick.

The biscuit on a stick was surprisingly good. That and some leftover 'que from the night before made a great breakfast.

I had plans for some unpaved roads for the day, but with our late start,figured we had better stick to the pavement. But, that's OK, because there are some great roads in the area. We hit some of the highlights, and must have been having too much fun on Ranch Road 337, when we were pulled over. The LEO says he clocked us both at 70 in a 55.

My plan for making it across west Texas was not going so well, especially after one of the dirt roads I had planned on taking turned out to be gated and locked. This forced us to detour in the wrong direction. When HF spotted a shortcut going our way, we decided to try it. There goes HF into the sunset.

This was a great little county road that would have saved us 30 or 40 miles. If it had gone through.

We finally made it to the interstate just as it was getting dark. Almost immediately a large deer crosses the road just in front of us. We do about 100 miles down I-10, while dodging freshly killed, still steaming deer carcasses. Not fun, but we decide to keep going. There is nowhere nearby to camp, and I dont think either of us wanted to be the first to mention a motel.

We finally get off the interstate onto 2 lane roads. The deer seemed to be even thicker. I missed one particularly large deer by inches, so when we pulled into Sanderson at about 8PM, we wisely decided to get a room.
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