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Figured I'd better post the final day before I forgot where we went....

My final day in Moab consisted of the same routine: Pancake Haus. It's good, I know the food won't make me hunt for the nearest bush in 30 minutes, and why break tradition? We'd ridden a lot of the trails that were around Canyonlands so this time we thought about heading down a different section. We decided to take Kane Creek Road down over Hurrah Pass and into Lockhart Basin. This was one of the few trails that the Jeep rental place would have allowed us to go so we knew the terrain couldn't be too difficult.

As we headed down the pavement we passed a few caves in the rock wall. Apparently people live here and use them as garages since we saw some car behind a chain link fence. The road started out following the river opposite of Potash Road so the scenery was pretty much the same. It was prime 990 terrain with wide open spaces and decent gravel.

Hurrah Pass looking towards Chicken Corner

When we finally got up to Hurrah Pass we kept on towards Chicken Corner, as a guidebook we bought called it, and wound up on a great, great trail. Lockhart Basin Road is a Jeep trail with sand in some spots but beyond that it's just beautiful. Had I known the trail a bit better and had more confidence in the sand it would not have been difficult to pull 5th gear easily. We finally stopped for a break.

Yeah, pretty sure he was having a good time.

Scott and the mighty 690.

In this picture you can see the trail above the left box, halfway up the image.

We got down to another intersection and I just hammered up the hill, following the GPS since I had put in the end of Lockhart Basin Road as a destination. Anyway as soon as I got halfway up the small hill the rear end started to bury itself in the sand and being the good little dirt bike rider (If in doubt, power out!) I used copious amounts of Whiskey Throttle to get all the way up. Turned around and saw Padre and Scott looking at a sign. After a few minutes of discussion we decided that we'd seen where this trail was heading and headed back out to check on a little side road that we thought would link us back to 191.

So we head back over Hurrah Pass and hook a right onto the trail, can't remember the name right now, and meet a few dirt bikers that confirm it'll come out on 191. That was all we needed to hear and with me in the lead we take off. The trail was by far the roughest thing we'd ridden so far and I sort of went into race mode, hitting a faster pace because the trail got rougher. Eventually I stop because the trail had washed out and when I turn around to point to a bypass I see Dad on his back, the bike on it's side, his right Touratech box 15' behind him, and Scott about to fall of his bike because he's laughing so hard.

Turns out that Dad went up along this bank like I did to get around some rocks but his box didn't clear another rock sticking out of the side. He hit it so hard the box crumpled and popped right off the rack. He was so shocked that when it happened he turned around to look at it and hit another rock in the trail, which kicked him up onto yet another rock before he finally fell over. I would have paid large amounts of money to have it on video.

The aftermath

The left box was completely trashed. He hit the rock so hard that it collapsed the inside portion that has all the hooks on it and popped almost all the tack welds on the bottom. The other side had a dent in it from some rock (?) and bent it so the lid barely fit.

Padre couldn't believe that he'd turned around to look. But he laughed and thanks to the rope (because stupid a** me forgot my ultra long Rokstraps in the room ) we got it tied back on.

Afterwards, we decided that Long Canyon Road off of Potash Road would be a great trip. It would take us to 313 where we would hit Gemini Bridges Trail and then take 191 back into Moab.

On the way out I stopped at the side of the road and took some pictures of petroglyphs.

This was next to my foot.

It roughly translated as "White Man on strange orange pony fall down make thunder".

On the way to Long Canyon

Long Canyon Road photo interlude

"I dare you to go stand over there."

Long Canyon Road was great. Not difficult at all but really scenic. When we finally got back out to 313 we stopped for a while and enjoyed the silence.

While we were standing there we heard some thumpers off in the distance. Turns out it was a few Okies doing Moab and were heading down Gemini Bridges as well. We followed them for a bit until they let us pass and we had a good ride back to the Riverside Inn.

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