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Originally Posted by Ceri JC
I like the looks of them too, but have yet to see one in the flesh. All the angles of them have made it look like they can't be used with these (headlight shroud):

Or for that matter, the off road headlight grills? I've only seen photos of the Desierto from certain angles and it looks like it'd foul them, but it's unclear.
My thoughts too. Ive yet to spring for the visor just because of that possibility.

Really surprises me none of the FF's on here has this fairing yet. Although man 800 bones is tough to swallow for it.

Another concern Ive got is how well it holds up on tip over's. That dumb ass front brake reservoir guard snapped off on me way too easily! Going to go with the Renazzo (sp?) replacement before the season gets here.
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