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Originally Posted by WoodsChick
And you are correct on the 3rd photo. All those roads out there...Mattole, Dyerville, Alderpoint, Honeydew...they are all just one big E-ticket ride when on a plated dirtbike or a supermoto. Last time I was on Alderpoint I saw a guy on a ZX-10 bumping along at about 14mph. He looked miserable

Are you talking about the road from alderpoint to Covelo? Whoops, no that's alder springs to Covelo. I love that road on the KTM- it's like Skaggs springs with dirt. And once you get there, hang a right and head towands zenia!

I had a great time last time I was on Mattole road- on a sport bike, it might not be much fun, but on a DRZ-400, you can pin the throttle and have some fun.

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