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Originally Posted by tirebiter
How come every time a thread comes up you gotta post the same ol' pics?
We all know your the coolist person to ever throw a leg over, but get a grip..
Who gives a shit about what you did, over and over...
Geez, Dan...I'm really sorry if my oft-repeated photos angered you. Perhaps when quoting me in the future you might want to remove the attachments first so you don't, you know, perpetuate the madness.

I really like to ride my motorcycles, I like to travel throughout the west (by the way, how are Forest Hill, Cow Mt and Hollister these days? Haven't been to any of them in awhile...) and I like to take photos. If you don't like me or my posts, you are certainly more than welcome to not read them.

If I recall correctly, you are quite a few years older than me. Surely you understand that our remaining heartbeats are finite, yes? I prefer to use my remaining heartbeats in a positive manner. I come here for fun, entertainment and information. I get plenty of negativity in the "real world" and prefer not to spread any around when I'm here. In your very own words to Velo on TT many years ago, "If you got nothing nice to say, don't say nothing at all." But, hey, that's just me We're all different; that's what makes this place so interesting.

So in keeping with the general theme of your post, and as a gesture of ADV good will, allow me to leave you with, guessed it... another photograph. This one was taken in Utah many years ago, and I am absolutely positive you've never seen me post it anywhere else.

All my best to LeeAnn,

"Coffee first..."

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