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What's the big deal about a salvage title? My '96 Camaro has a salvage title, and it goes down the road just problem transferring the title into my name, and I pay the registration as normal every year...

For some reason, folks get their panties in a wad about salvage titles, and I'm not sure why that is...if the vehicle is otherwise good and legal, who cares if it got ripped off earlier in its life, then somebody brought it back to life? Maybe that's a reason that the price is where it's at!!! Two grand sounds like a decent price for a legal bike with all the pieces...that's what I paid for my '78 R100/7, and the aluminum was oxidized as well...but I didn't care, I bought it as a project bike, and I'm gonna black the machine out anyway!

So, don't necessarily pass on a salvage title out of's prolly no big deal, especially if the PO has a reason why that is...if, on the other hand, you're not looking for a project, then you were prolly right to pass on it, it's a lot of work to bring back oxidized aluminum...
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