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Okay.... fair enough. I'll try to narrow down what I want, though I will not limit myself to "want" alone:

I'm a really short guy, so the red LS650 with it's white wheels was the NEXT Beemer I lusted for (after the blue toaster). They have a cult following though and fetch top dollar.

I've heard the 800cc was an all time "best"..... and if I had the money, the original (little) 800GS would have already been in my garage. I still regret not getting the phone number of a gentleman I ran into at Lick Observatory considering the departure with his cherry 800Gs.

Then I was at A&S in Roseville, Kali' and spied something called a Mystic...... OHMYGOD! I'm a bit of an odd fellow and like 'different'; I fell in love with it. Then the salesman pointed to a gal on the other end of the parking lot who just bought it from them. I've been looking for one since.

Now..... I'm not made of money; I live in a foreclosure capital of the Nation, Stockton, CA.... and owe twice as much on my house than it's worth, and I'm a year from retiring. Women don't date short fat white boys who have little money, so I spend all my money on THE hobby, motorcycles (and marksmanship, photography, zymergy, cigars, etc.).

The salvage title Beemer I looked at is not out of the race, a little CAT tractor flat black, give it to The Frame Man to check out the frame, bar-end mirrors, a retro half helmet, gauntlet gloves, and an attitude..... and go RIDE.

BUT..... what of year models before I buy?
And you guys gave me the answer I was looking for. Y'all seem to agree that early 80's is a good airhead to point myself toward.

Do I like to wrench?...... yeah, minor stuff. I'm more of a rider not a wrench. But I have an '08 Bandit bagger as my means of trouble-free miles, so a little wrench'n is to be expected on whatever airhead graces my garage.
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