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When I left off, we had ridden down the coast from northern NB to Sussex to rendevoius with next group of NBDSC ambassadors, Beer Jonny, Brooksy and once again, Dan. Dan is really a great guy, I gotta tell you.

Meet up at Adairs Wilderness Lodge

From left to right:

"Wheelie", ah, I mean "Brooksy"
"Beer Jonny", give the man a Hannessy Hammock and a 650R and he's gone!
"Danbo The Atlantic Rambo"

We all sit down for a great meal at the lodge

This is Dans way of telling me he like's me.

Wake up Redcorn, it's time to ride down the the Bay of Fundy brother !

Dan keeps calling me.
Hmm, what does he want I wonder, and where is he ?
"Frank", "Frank" I hear.
I follow the commanding voice of the ex hockey player, looking for it's source location.

I find it

Actually, I surprised attacked the big fock.
He's a big ole, tuff ass hockey player, but still needs mammas warmth in the form of a hot water bottle, when it get's cool outside

Herculese loadding his sweet 990 Adventure

These cabins have radiant floor heating. It was really nice.

After breakfast, Dan decides to comment in the guest register

We saddle up, and head for Martins Head

The southern New Brunswick coast is unique. It is a wilderness area. Just dirt roads, coastal woods and remote coast. Very unique. We are very close to the ocean here.

We stop to re group before we make our assault on the beach

But where the heck is Brooksy ?

Beer Jonny doubles back to find him. And he does..

The odd thing is, Brooksy exclusively rides on his rear wheel. The front never touching the ground until he dismounts. So how the fock, did he punture the front eh ?

Brooksy makes quick work of it.

This trail leading us to the beach.

Is this cool or what ?

More on the beach at Martins Head Bay of Fundy when I come back........
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