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Originally Posted by bgoodsoil

Okay, you gotta tell the story of why that red-headed guy was getting his hands bandaged. Oh, and why you were shooting a rifle with bayonet in a motorcycle jacket.
The redheaded guy was riding with one glove so he could take photos while riding. He was taking photos and not paying quite enough attention to the road and hit a rock in the middle of the road about the size of a brick doing 60mph. That was enough to make his front tire go flat pretty instantly, the bead came unseated, he instinctively pulled his front brake to slow down and bad turn into really bad pretty quickly. He went down, slid about 50 feet on asphalt, enough to wear completely through the seat of his rallye 2 pants, take most of the skin off his bare hand and break his wrist on the other side. He was able to limp himself and his bike with the help of someone else far enough to get to a hospital where he got patched up well enough to get back on the road again. He caught up with me around Acapulco, and rode with me and a couple other guys until Tuxtla Gutierrez where he and and our British member split off and headed for Belize when I went for Guatemala with ze german. Heīs been going slower than the rest of us and I havenīt seen him or the Brit since. As for firing a rifle in a riding jacket, do I really need a reason to behave in such a way? Anyway thatīs not me, thatīs our frenchman.

Originally Posted by bgoodsoil
where was this picture taken?

and where's the river crossing? I'm assuming they're related
Thatīs Sumidero Canyon just south of Tuxtla Gutierrez in Chiapas. The owner of the event hall where we crashed for free for a couple of days, pictured above, also owned a boat tour company and gave us all a ride up the canyon in one of his boats. Really cool scenery, yeah, a little touristy, but hell - why not? The river crossing was a different river between mexico and Guatemala at Fronterra Corozal (sp?) straight west of Tikal.
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