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Originally Posted by Colebatch
I finally arrived in Vladivostok to join Terry and Tony (and to bring some discipline back in this unit!).

That night we had a strange visitor to our hotel ... No not that kind of evening hotel visitor!

Leon, the UK rider we mentioned a couple of posts back, had ridden down to the dock at Zarubino to take the ferry to Korea. A guy rode off the arriving ferry from Korea and spoke with the waiting Leon. The guy was Joon, a Korean guy, who had NEVER ridden outside of Seoul before, let alone off road, and just packed it all up one day and decided to ride across Russia, Kazakhstan Iran et al towards Europe.

Leon recognised that on the gravel parking lot, Joon could not even control his bike. How on earth would he make it across Russia? Even the Trans-Siberian highway has close to 1000km of gravel bits ... Joon couldn't even ride across 30 yards of gravel carpark! To make it worse, Joon was solo and spoke not even a single word of Russian! Leon told him to make his way into Vladivostok and find the Sibirsky Extreme guys and gave him the name of our Hotel.

Joon had found us at our hotel and told us his sorry story. We told him to meet us tomorrow at the Gutov Beer House, our command HQ, and we would give him some tips and info.
I would love to follow that guys ride report. I like the thought of a guy getting in way over his head and coming out on top.
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