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Meet you there. OK?
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In the last 3 days I have ridden just over 400 miles in the cold, rain and even snow. I even went down. And enjoyed every minute of it. But today I took the Might TW for what I thought would be a short ride to Tunkanock to place the tag. I never even made it as far as Moon Lake. I froze my ass off. I just could not handle the icey wind on 29 without my windshield. The RatMax with its handguards and cheapo screen are practically a GoldWIng compared to the TW. The last few days I felt slightly manly braving the cold on these long rides with not heated gear. No winter gloves even. Turns out I am as much of a puss as I always been. The RatMax is just a great cold weather bike if you can keep the back wheel from spinning up. But back to the TOR......

These 2 Dinosours sit out in front of a building that came back from extinction. It burned to the ground on Thanksgiving Day 2008. It is around 60 miles North of the last tag. And if thats not enough, its right where my sister Ellen lost her life August 1st 2008 when a 16 year old boy driving his parents car turned into her lane and struck her head on her R6. He had his license 1 day.

Sorry for the bummer tag. But it is what it is. And its good to remember the ones you miss on the holidays.
Screw this shit. I'll meet you there.....
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