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Originally Posted by meat popsicle
8) (Get Ready) Hop up and bring your weight down on the kick starter making sure your foot comes off to the side and away from the kick starter's return swing (just in case she wants revenge! ),
This is not needed Meat... well, not really.
All kick start systems have engagement and disengagement points. They engage, or "connect" to the driveline at some point just a few degrees past the position in which they normally rest, and disengage, or "disconnect" very near the bottom of the kick starter stroke.
In other words, if you can kick it thru, to the bottom of it's stroke, go ahead and leave your precious foot right there... 'cause the motor could blow itself to kingdom-come with no ill effects to your body.

It's only if you give it a half-hearted, sissy-la-la, titsie-baby, candy-ass, rooty-poop kick... and don't reach the bottom, that the motor will take offense and try to put your knee thru your nose.

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