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So gentleman, is the concensus that you stand to the left of the bike for these left-side kickers and use your right leg? I've had my LC4 for over a year and have never kick-started the beast. It's probably time to give it a shot so I'm not attempting it for the first time in a "must do" situation.

Speaking of which, I almost had to give it a try "in the field" the other day. I ran low on gas and the thing sputtered to a stop at a stoplight. I switched to reserve, but couldn't get a fire relit for quite a lot of cranking, almost running the battery down. It finally fired and ran again just as the battery was giving its last gasp. (I was running around in traffic with an electric vest going, so I probably had the battery a little run down even before the stall. I don't get the impression these things have a lot of extra generating capacity.)

I don't know whether it was conincidence but I think my opening the fuel valve on the right tank valve was necessary to finally get the thing to fire - just turning th petcock to reserve didn't seem to be doing the trick. I note that the manual says that if you run it low on gas, you may need a full gallon to get it to pump again, which is about the total reserve capacity in both the standpipe reserve and the right lobe reserve. Given that these bikes have a rinky-dink vacuum fuel pump, I wonder if they're marginal at priming and pumping when you get down into the reserve supply. The PO also fitted an inline filter - perhaps this adds to the pump's difficulty.

It's a bit of a shock to pull up to a pump and run up nearly a $20 fuel bill on a motorcycle!

- Mark
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