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[QUOTE=markjenn]So gentleman, is the concensus that you stand to the left of the bike for these left-side kickers and use your right leg? I've had my LC4 for over a year and have never kick-started the beast. It's probably time to give it a shot so I'm not attempting it for the first time in a "must do" situation.

No. Not at all.

In my experience, no one who has owened an LC4, without electric start, for more than a week uses their right foot to kick it through. Well I did see one guy, once, in 1995, that did it that way, but I only saw him start it the one time. It took him a while, too. It is very awkward unless you have a box to stand on. I have no experience with LC4 owners over 6'2", however.

Take 5 minutes and learn to kick with your left foot.

Put it on the center stand if it is not warmed up. or you are new at this.

The rest of the description is pretty much perfect. The only thing that I would have added, is "DO NOTHING WITH THE TROTTLE"
When I was learning, I had to put my hand somewhere else, other than the throttle.

Harley guys are especialy bad at this part.
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