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Originally Posted by hammick
I am really interested in the product and have read the thread at the UK GS forum. Lots of guys claim this type of product really helps the low end fueling.

Surely somebody on this forum has tried one or something similar.
Having a background in performance/driveability, working with Dyno's, Gas analyzers ect ect,
If it were me, I'd go with the booster plug over the others simple wire resistor no question. yea it ls more, but I think it will work far better overall.
That or go to a PC or similar and have a pro set it up for the driving you will be doing (keep in mind though, many tuners only setup for the absolute most HP you can get, and won't take the time required for anything else)

take a look over his site, he really does a good job of explaining it for the novice. It will only take a small amount if time to read all his pages on it

If I could, I'd buy it just yo see how well it really works, but I would want to have access to a gas analyzer at the least, I wondered if a 6% increase is a tad too much for just good driveability and MPG, but it looks like he has done his homework and may have found a good compromise.
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