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Originally Posted by 2on2off
Where exactly is Butte Valley? Are you talking about Butte Valley near Klammath?

I like your bike. What size gas tank is that in the pic and who makes it. I've been riding a friends 2003 dual sported KTM 525EXC and I like it. It is the first KTM I have ever ridden. I've also got a DRZ400S that I have set up with a 4 gallon tank and I find the two bikes completely different but I like them both for different reasons.

Have you had any issues with your 450EXC? It has the new motor and I don't think I need the power of the 530 so if I bought a new one it would probably be the 450. Do you have any regrets buying the 450?

I find that I never use the full power of the 525 and rarely get into 6th gear while off road so I think the 450 might be better than the 530 because of the way I ride.
If you head up Pleasant Canyon all the way to Rogers Pass, you would overlook Butte Valley, so it's just over the mountain range, to the southeast.

The tank is a 3.4 gal Acerbis, and it was a perfect fit. Stock is 2.4

There are some issues with this model. 2008, it has an oil migration problem, where the engine oil makes its way into the tranny oil. The seal needs to be replaced with an updated one. Mine is still stock. Also, the cam came with a faulty decompressor, fixed in 09'. My dealer says there is no problem, I say he is a f'n liar. Not to mention useless jetting, plugged up pipe, weak battery, very poorly designed rear turn signals, poorly designed rear fender, 2x4 like seat, and harsh front suspension. But it's all pretty easily fixed, and then it becomes a great bike.

No regrets, but it takes some work and $$$ to make it right.
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