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Originally Posted by Jasper
In my experience, no one who has owened an LC4, without electric start, for more than a week uses their right foot to kick it through. Well I did see one guy, once, in 1995, that did it that way, but I only saw him start it the one time. It took him a while, too. It is very awkward unless you have a box to stand on. I have no experience with LC4 owners over 6'2", however.

Take 5 minutes and learn to kick with your left foot.

Put it on the center stand if it is not warmed up. or you are new at this.
I don't know why bikes w/out the magic button would need a different foot? Happe said his non e-start rallye is different too; what foot do you use Happe?

Plus I have been told not to kick start with the bike on the stand. I tried this once and even though it was the fact that I couldnt get the kick starter to swing (full compression :eek) that caused the crisis, the bike still tried to fall over as I was thrown off balance.

Originally Posted by Jasper
The rest of the description is pretty much perfect. The only thing that I would have added, is "DO NOTHING WITH THE TROTTLE"
When I was learning, I had to put my hand somewhere else, other than the throttle.

Harley guys are especialy bad at this part.
I will add this into the description - any nay-sayers?
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