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Originally Posted by spafxer

You have it all wrong about RR ....... The HOTTIE from Mammoth was in the hot tub of the White Mountain Research Ride......

Welcome back from overseas, and thank you very much for your service.

Thought for sure you were going to give us a snow report from your other ADV vehicle!! Hope to see you at the March Noobs Ride...

Hoping to get out to DV in January again, so if anyone can find out why the daily report is not happening that would be great.

Probably like the National Weather Service getting their weather reports wrong over half the time. When they built their new building, they didn't have money in the budget to put in WINDOWS! No money for the daily report now either....

Lack of Morning Report explained:

We share your aggravation about access to the parks morning report from
the internet. Unfortunately, to our and the public s frustration, we are
hampered by new homeland security and internet safety protocols that do not
allow us to easily post the morning report in a timely manner or on a daily

We have tried other alternative means to post our morning report including
posting it onto our park s cooperating association s web site. Here too,
we have run into roadblocks that prohibit us from posting to an outside

The decisions to put into place additional restrictions on how and where we
can post our daily report are beyond the park level. We have been trying
for several weeks to work with our Regional and Washington contacts to come
to some type of solution that will allow us to post a daily morning report
on our web site or that of our park partner, but with little success.

We will continue to pursue avenues that will allow us to return to a daily
posting of the park s morning report for our visitor s convenience, until
then, we have created links on our park web site to the National Weather
Service s current forecast for Death Valley, which is what we use on our
morning report. We have also added a link to our Road Conditions page that
will be updated as road conditions in the park change. Daily temperatures
will be available via the park s phone messaging system. With spring a few
months away, many visitors will want to start getting information about
rainfall amounts and potential wildflowers. We will start posting a
Wildflower Report on our web site to allow visitors the opportunity to plan
their spring visits.

Again, we understand your frustration about the morning report. Until we
find a solution, we hope that the alternative links to the weather and road
condition information will help in the interim. Thank you for your patience
in this matter.

Sarah Craighead

Sarah Craighead
Death Valley National Park
(760) 786-3240
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