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RR bike rack. I didn't like the prices and issues ready made hitch haulers have so i made my own.

Finally can ditch the trailer! Maybe these pics will give you some ideas on building your own hauler.

It uses two hidden receivers, modular design to fit different widths, is rated for 300# offroad and is solid except in the "whoops" where it flops a little when the sucky truck suspension is pushed to the bump stops. It breaks down into three pieces for storage.

By attaching bike straps to the truck tow hooks the play in the receivers is virtually eliminated.

I really feel the extra weight up front with a 3/4 ton truck. Visibility and lighting are much better than expected. Totally acceptable. Can't check for overheating until next summer offroading in 4 low.

Hauler can be used on the front (access to camper, no dust, mud, sand/rock blasting to bike and can keep an eye on tiedowns) or back (better visibility and mpg I'd think). It is designed to maintain as much offroad clearance as possible. Still in testing phase. I'll add two ratchet tie downs to secure the rear of bike vs. the one i have now. Change s-hooks to carabiners, and improve tiedow between front tire and hauler.

A short ramp is held in for storage with some wing nuts in the rail between tires. Attaches to lip on hauler for loading.

Do you see anything i could do to improve the design? I was thinking adding fuel can rack? The extra 40# or so will hurt offroad performance with stock suspension though.

Time to drop some money into the truck suspension as that's the limiting factor offroad now.
QE infinity not looking so good ....

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