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We don't
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Originally Posted by docgonzo
I like to think of it as constructive criticism! .
Don't kid yourself.

Originally Posted by docgonzo
I think Dennis has a great attitude, and his suggestions are good. He loves the game, and wants it to be good for the majority, not for a region. I just don't want to see anyone get hurt chasing tags in the winter where there is black ice and snow all the time.

Get a tag stuck in one location for too long, and the State TOR becomes a regional one. And keep it in the mountains or near the Great Lakes, and it will be buried till spring.

Heard much lately from the Empire State TOR? Last year it was buried for months in Buffalo. Probably will be the same this winter. And no, I'm not going to Buffalo in this weather. It would have to leap-frog down to warmer areas for me to get interested.
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