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Originally Posted by DenniSMC
I see your point. Nothing would make me happier then to see the tag move. But I guess the weather is killing the motorcycle adventure spirit around PA. And it does not seem to be moving. I know I am a bit of a hog when it comes to the tag. But I love to ride. And I love to take picutres.

To be less of a hog, I set some rules for myself.
1-I will not go for a tag that is less then 50 miles away.
2-I will move the tag at least 50 miles from its previous location.
3-I will not TOR at night anymore. So other people have a better chance of getting the tag.

My 3 step program to breaking TagOholism........
Well, I don't think you should put limits on yourself, but that's up to you. On a bright note, I hope to have the new tag posted tomorrow.....AND you'll be able to grab this one. It's over 50 miles away :)
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