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Originally Posted by rwamf
But they removed the lower intakes.
Yah, but what's funny about that is that since the 610 box doesn't even come close to sealing up between the cover and main body of the box, it wouldn't matter as far as water crossings anyway. Unless they somehow made the plastic more flat, rigid and maybe added an oring to seal it up...

Yes the 610 airbox sucks, but some of the other things you guys are complaining about...

footpegs...yes the stockers are narrow, but you can buy a used set of "wide" pegs off an mx bike for $25 on ebay and with a bit of grinding, they fit right on.

footpeg mounts...all you need is a few minutes with a file or grinder, and some loctite...problem solved

turning are correct that it isn't very tight due to interference between the forks and tank, but I've found that with the right leaning and throttle technique the bike turns very tight!

the 610 has some minor quirks just like many bikes do, but certainly shouldn't be a "deal breaker" for anyone who truly wants a great dual sport bike.

I'm quite skeptical that you are going to take anywhere close to 30 pounds off the 630 with just exhaust. If I remember correctly, the weight savings on the 610 when switching to a Leo was minimal, maybe a pound or two?

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