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the maxxis is at least great on mileage. I can't kill the rear. Too bad it slides at the least sign of moisture.

Originally Posted by bgoodsoil
we seem to be learning the hard way on some of the same tires. We both got screwed on the k761 and the Maxxis. We should coordinate this stuff. Learn from others' mistakes and all. Let's hope that package isn't a fancy new set of GP-110s!

I run a 120 Distanzia on the rear.

I updated the first page so all the tires are clickable. You can see pictures and current prices easier. I need to stop being lazy and put all the Bridgestones on there but there's so darn many.

*edit: Bridgestones are up! I think I might've missed a few though. They're numbering is odd and it's hard to see which front is supposed to go with which rear sometimes.

I can't get SouthWest Moto Tire's web page to load. Is it a temporary thing or are they gone?
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