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Originally Posted by meat popsicle

If you have the time please add your kicking methods for those bikes. How do they differ from the method you use for the LC4?

it's been along time but basicly they have a little window on the right end of the cam cover with either a green dot or red dot. red dot is 180 out green dot is just past tdc. manual decomp no clicker . one or two blips on the gas roll it over two or three + ,times run it to compression stroke pull decomp just until green dot shows or you feel the release sorta, right hand on the cross bar so no gas, give it your best shot. After awhile you dont much use the window and go by feel but if you screw it up it will bite back

BTW I kick the Lc4 standing next to it. no biggy. I've used the left foot when I fuckerd up the start switch packed full of mud on the trail and it was like using my left...well you know. it worked fine but just felt like ...strange.
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