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How abouth iroman teams ??
Originally Posted by notmybikemodelname
After reading 2on2off's thread and starting the beginnings of a highjack, and as this is something I've wantedd to do for years, Ive started this thread.

Please check this link and read my posts beginning on page 1. This will be my intent and it will develop as time goes on.

Any and all input is welcome.

but basically:

I'm staying away from the term "race", but........................

Up to 10 three man teams start in the Randsburg area on a Wednesday sometime in late June or early September.

Here are some of my notes and ideas so far

Part 1:

I think what the Western US needs is a rally from Cali, through Nevada, into Utah, back down Arizona and back to the starting place. A good 1500+ mile loop over 4-5 days, maybe a rest in the middle .

These geo-cacher, TSD things I have no interest in

You could easily put together an unsponsored and un-sanctioned event here on ADV. Run what you brung, no engine swaps, carry all of your own supplies, search out your own fuel, wrench your own bike, first to the next finish line takes the times of the rider behind him. Everyone who enters pays a fee to have their overnight gear, food, water and alcohol, hauled from one finish spot to the other. The same people who haul the crap could watch every racer on a laptop computer via SPOT. A few extra chase vehicles for rescues and such, and Voila!, you've got the beginnings of a history making event.

Ever seen Cannonball Run? Same thing, just in the dirt and only for fun or a modest trophy or gift card.

No sponsors and sanctioning, means no permits, BLM, Insurance etc, etc ,etc.

Only requirements:
Solid street legal Bike
Liability Insurance
Health Insurance
Life Insurance if married and kids.

Now this, I'd go for and pay handsomely to have my spare tires, food, tools and clothes hauled, and some extar for a cook.

Part 2:

I think it's important to follow these rules though to keep the spirit of ADV in tact, and to be sure that those with more money can't win by spending more cash:
  • Each rider rides the whole course
  • Each rider does all of their own wrenching
  • no engine swaps
  • no private chase crews
  • You must find all of your own fuel along the route which will be designed for get outs to gas stations every 60-100 miles. This makes fuel planning part of the strategy
  • You must carry a SPOT for monitoring.
  • No more than 10% of each leg can be spent on the Tarmac, which can be verified via SPOT.
This will really be a "high speed traveling motorcyle campout" with the idea to be the first to get to the next camp site.

Each start will be a GoldRush Style start. We will have to limit the amount of people to no more than 30 or so to make this manageable.

The first "camp out" could be in June and Start on a Wednesday in Randsburg, CA with the first stop Outside Vegas around Glendale. Second could go from Glendale to Brianhead where a friend of mine has a big house at 12,000 ft. We could have a 1 day stop there for a party and. rest. Then from there to somewhere around Flaggstaff, then the last leg would run from there to Randsburg for a finish on Monday.

Part 3

How about a team challenge?

Three man teams.

All other rules stand.

This allows each rider to have team mates to help wrench on the bikes and repair on the trails, thereby removing the rule that any rider who comes along another in need.........

Any team who finishes a leg without a rider due to injury, breakdown, fatigue etc, will have to add the average time of the remaining two riders to their overall time to account for the missing rider, plus a penalty factor of something like 10% of the overall team time on that leg.
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