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I would say that Friday 12/18/09 was my ..... (Long)

Last big adventure for this year.. Maybe ..

It started out with our buddy Pen showed up on our door step Thursday…
Hey Pen do you know we have a big storm coming ??
We all felt it was best that he stayed a few days till this storm passed...

I needed to get eggs for morning and Italian sausages for their supper...
Plus I just needed to get out and ride.. Thinking it could be a while

This storm was coming you could feel it in the air…
I left the farm around noonish…
All was good on the roads when I left.
Then as I hit Bluefield,Va. the weather started to hit..
Sleet and snow ... I ran into Food City to get what I needed...
Still sleeting & snowing as I load TheBeast up throw my leg over the saddle
and off I go back to the farm... It's about 55 miles round trip..
The roads were wet but didn't appear icy ...
As I roll into Tazewell OMG!!! It was a mess...
It must have started snowing right after I left the farm.. At a rate of 2" an hour..
The plows had been out but only to put salt & sand down..
The slush was bad.... Our main road now had 3" of slush ruts and was icy to boot!! And snowing big time....
I just took my time, as all the other traffic was doing the same..
My 10 mile ride home from Tazewell was one Helluva an ADV.,It took 45 min.,
slipping and sliding my way home...

I get to our driveway only to find it wasn't plowed yet!!!
I look and said yeah I think I can make that ... WRONG ..

I get over our bridge, hmm that went well I think to self, as I didn't slide off the edge...
Ugh the first hill stopped me cold. It started a spinning and sliding !!! WTF !!!
Once I stopped sliding .. A thought comes to mind I wish I had studs ..
I got it stopped as it was going backwards....OK I didn't get it stopped ~LOL It came to a stop…
That really is an odd feeling you have NO control at all !!!
I was very glad that it was sliding towards the bank and not the edge side..

Then here comes my Honey with the quad and the plow !! Yee Haw !!

I tried once more and got up to the hill... Nope couldn't make it up that one...
This time I'm really sliding and sideways!!!! Yikes that was hairy….
Don hooks the winch to my engine guard , He is in reverse on the quad. My bike is spinning and sliding ..But we get up to the gate, Yeah!!

I sat there as he plowed the road a bit more... This is the only flat spot on the whole driveway... Outside of the bridge at the bottom
Don returns looks at me gives me a
This time I knew TheBeast could do the rest of our drive unassisted..
Fingers crossed ...

It spun and slipped but made it all the way from the gate to the garage !!
And up the last 2 hills...Dang that was a helluva ride !!!
I got to the top and yelled !! THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT !!!!
That would be my last big ADVenture for the year of 09…I think ….
I just wish I took a few pix of my bike sitting sideways on our driveway..
I only took pix at the garage… Lets face it, grabbing the camera
While your looking at your bike and saying WTF am I going to do now…
But ya know I had a Blast !!!

The all fenders where packed tight with snow n ice

To bad a bunch of snow fell off the bike while I was getting up the driveway.

This is from Friday after 14" of snow fell ..This is the flat spot @ the gate..

The total length from bottom to the top is apx. 1900'

Here is a shot of the two hills that gave me the hardest time ,
the upper one was the winch part....

I have many great adventures with this bike !!
And loved each and everyone .....

Merry Christmas To All~And To All a Good night..
Life is what you make of it~If it don't fit make alterations
Check it from time to time as I'm always adding to it..
My Rides and life on the Farm
Just because the road is rocky doesn't mean your spirits should get rocky, too.{Crazy Cora}

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