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Here's what I could see...

North Pass, snow at the higher elevations, but not as covered as I thought it would be.

South Pass, clear until you hit the top. Then there is a solid section of snow that I would say is around 3 miles or so long. Now from my vantage point, I can't see ice, so it could be worse in the lower elevations. From what I saw, I wouldn't attempt to ride in on my GSA... at least, not unless there was plenty of beer and Mammoth ski bunnies promised at the warm springs.

Lippencott: Clear of snow from Saline to the Racetrack, couldn't tell about the ice.

Cerro Gordo: Lot's of snow.

There is a storm hitting the Sierra (and the rest of CA) right now, so by tomorrow all this could of changed. As for now, Lippencott looks like the best bet getting into Saline.

I didn't make it that far South, but the Panamints have a nice coat of snow on them. Stove Pipe to the racetracks looks clear.

That Death Valley report that details every road is pretty nice, I'm not sure how much they update it, but that may be the best thing to go by.

I should get out there again tomorrow and can give you another report (post storm).

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