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Just put some wings on that GSA and your good to go.

I took three trips to DV on my '07 GSA and learned very quickly that I wouldn't be taking it up Steele Pass. That is one of the reasons I now own a DRZ400S, so I can tackle Steele Pass.

Don't get me wrong, I loved my GSA but found out I couldn't ride it everywhere in DV but did have a blast riding it to Crankshaft Junction and Eureka Dunes.

Do you think the weight of "adventure bikes" has something to do with bent rims riding Steele Pass? I have read reports of VStroms getting bent or broken rims there as well but haven't heard about 650cc or smaller bikes having this problem.

In order to avoid bending a rim on a DRZ400S size bike, what tire pressure would you recommend? I usually run 15 psi front and read when riding a dual sport in death valley. Higher psi protects the rim but makes it harder to ride in deep sand or gravel. Lower psi provided better traction but then you risk a pinch flat or a bent rim. I never ran my psi below 20 on my GSA because I didn't want to risk popping the bead.

I would like to hear if anyone has gotten a bent rim riding Steele Pass on a 650cc or smaller dual sport bike and what air pressure they ran. I don't think I have gotten this info from any ride report I can remember.

I like to minimize the chance of bike failure while riding in DV so I can spend more time riding and hopefully not get stranded......
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