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LED Flashlight

I've bought a bunch of those and I don't think I would trust them too much. A couple have succumbed to vibration and been relegated to the scrap pile. The one in my wifes purse broke. They are OK for my kids but i don't think I would want to depend on them for an emergency repair.

Originally Posted by hilslamer
Consumables are tools too,although I see the point in separating them to some extent. Keep in mind my original post was exclusively dirt-driven and kept as consolidated and compact as possible; I've got an Adventure bike toolkit now that I need to go through in detail - and consumables are separated similarly.

I see the little red flashlight you carry - those are popping up everywhere in hardware stores, construction supply places, etc. They have like 9 LEDS and three AAA batteries - put lithium Energizers in them and they last for ever and are more than enough to do tire repairs in the dark by. To top it all off, I found them on sale at Harbor Freight(hardly ever go in there, really!) for $2.99/pair. I can't believe how good they are for so cheap - we'll see how the rubber swithc cover weathers but at that price, they are almost disposable(sadly).
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