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Consumable list ... and more

== STORE IN/ON BIKE (all the time)
Coded info: License, Registration, credit card #
Emergency $$$ slip in user manual
User manual
Stock Suzuki B1250 tool kit (spark plug tool, suspension tool, large axle wrench, etc.)
Mushroom tire plug kit (primary kit)
Gummy string tire plug kit w/ glue (back up kit, damage tire steel cord can cut the mushroom)
Air gauge
Electric air pump (strip down Walmart $10 pump)
Jumper cable (tucked in a side panel somewhere)
Bungee cords

== STORED IN TANK BAG (Absolute minimum carry)
Rain suit
Day-Glo vest
Strobe light (I have had a hi/lo beam bulb died on me, ride to the store was scary)
Flash light (I need one that has a strobe feature)
Bottle waters
Energy bars
Paper towel
Spare key
Garbage bag
Imodium AD
Antiseptic pad
Breath mint
Eyeglasses backup & case
Extra warmth layer

(Following, Tool Roll & Consumables should be carry but I have no saddle bags at this time)

Locking wrench 4 (I jettisoned this with heavy heart. If a nut strips, this is use before the locking jaw with teeth comes out)
Locking pliers 5
Long nose pliers
1/4" drive Breaker bar (higher torque than ratchet)
Open end: 10x11, 12x13, 14x15 mm
Box end: 8x10, 12x13, 14x15 mm
Socket: 6-15 mm (small sizes may need to go)
Hex bit holder (for the screw driver tips)(notice I have no screw driver?)
Screwdriver bits: 3 Philips, 3 flats
Extension long
Extension short
Hex bit set: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 (small sizes may need to go)
Tire valve stem tool
Metal saw blade
VOM (w/clip & probe leads, Radio Shack one I got is flat and small)
Chain break tool / Master link (this is big, I jettisoned it)

Loctite blue
Chemical light stick
Electrical tape
Duct tape
Electrical wire
Steel solid wire
Steel stranded cable
Electrical wire slice connectors
5 minutes epoxy
Epoxy putty (JB Weld)
Nuts & bolts & washers assortment
Isopropyl alcohol (for cleaning surface to be epoxy, water in gas tank)
Nitrite gloves
Waterless hand clean up goo
Pencil & paper
Solder strips
Shrink tubing
Radiator leak seal (or black pepper)
Mylar blanket (repair in the rain, stuff in jacket for warmth)
Zip ties
Brake lamp bulb (can remove if there is a redundant LED brake light)
Tail light bulb (can remove if there is a redundant LED brake light)
(Current bike have separate hi beam lo beam bulb ... redundancy ... no spare bulb needed)
Tire valve stem
Chain lube [long trip]
Gas siphon tube [long trip]

== MED KIT [long trip]
General stuff
Latex gloves
Dental floss
Paper towel / Toilet papers
Imodium AD
Alcohol pad
Antiseptic pad
Bandage tape
Gauze pad
Carpe diem quam minimum credula postero.
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