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Originally Posted by hilslamer
I carry a Streamlight Stylus Pro for general use:

...although the HF cheapies definitely have better flood, IMO.

So do I - steadfast reliable light, always.
I have considered the skinny Streamlight. It fits nicely into the tool roll. Then I decided that flashlight should be accessible, fast, at all time. So it goes into my tank bag list. I need one that has a strobe function. Many years ago, caught in a rain storm between Quebec and Montreal, the 18 wheelers were going by me at 80+ mph while I was on the shoulder. Scary. They I had a dual filament headlight bulb failed and I had no head light for 5 miles trying to get out of the sticks to find a main road with a store ..... So it happened twice! Too many time for me. I need that strobe function as an integral flashlight or separate strobe light. Separate is bulky but more powerful. It is a real "photo flash" light. LED flashlight is bright but I may have to aim it backward.
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