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My friend laugh at my list.

My friend laugh at my list. He said I'll need a trailer if I carry all that stuff. Well, yes, the list is long but the items are very small, as long as you don't carry the 500 tablet family size Tylenol bottle. I just carry 6 tablets. That should give me about 12 hours to find a store for more. Same with waterless hand cleaner. I leave the shop jumbo size bottle home. I have a film can (getting harder to find) fill with the stuff. That should clean up the hands of everybody that join in to help me fix stuff. I wish I can find catchup size packets for lots of the stuff on the list. It would make things more compact.

OT: Speaking of film can. This young man I work with ..... he has never in his life taken a photo with film! Toys-r-Us real digital camera since he was a baby.
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