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The disk brake on those won't achieve a panic stop, more like a startled stop. The alternator rotor is the weakest part of the charging system followed by the diode board. There are aftermarket replacements that are supposed to be better. The thread finned collars that hold the header tubes on need to be removed and the threads cleaned and recoated with anti-seize annually to prevent seizure and extreme measures to remove. I think switchgear is very hard to find but if it works then it's not a problem. If it's in the shape that the ad claims it sounds like a nice bike. The heavy flywheel means that shifting needs do be done at a relaxed pace deliberately. It is a bike that works best and can be reasonably fast if ridden smoothly. That's part of the appeal of those BMWs. I think $2600 is high but then again I'm not looking for one.
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