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Day 5 (Sunday)

So, up and out of the cabin for some fresh air

A bit of breakfast in the main strret, and farewells to the Harley (working tomorrow...)

Then, Phil and i looked at each other... and said...'lets go play'

Off into the dirt we went, the plan was to ride around all day and bush camp 'somewhere' that night..

Phil liked to "constantly" play with the dampning on his bike

wasnt long before we found some water..


and, of course, where there is water..

there is bound to be mud..

fair bit of it actually.. (considering how hot it had been)

anyway we wound around the centre of the Grampians, headed around Moora Moora reservoir, and came across a chanel running into (or was it out of?) the reservoir..

Access tracks have always been "fun", and since there was no gate or signs, off we went..

wasnt long before Phil decided to practice his break-dancing

no damage, and wasnt the last time this would happen..

track was great in bits, sand in bits... and muddy in (lotsa) bits

every now and then we'd cross another road, decided this one was a good spot for a bit of (late) lunch

decided to keep following the channel west, all the way to the park boundary...

got a bit sandy in places, but was great fun..

eventually it ran out (at the western boundary)

we decided to head south a bit before camping so we were in a good spot to start the day tomorrow...

dusk came... and we settled on this place..

tents were setup, food was consumed and sleep was had..

end of a muddy day 5..

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