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day 6

Day 6, still in the Grampians..

todays rough idea is to end up somewhere towards the bottom of the 'west leg' of the Grampians.. Phil has to be back in Melb in a couple of days, so today will be our last day in the Grampians..

some great scenery in here..

and surprisingly, some big open roads every now and then..

there was actually an airstrip next to this one...

so yesterday was a mud day....

today was to see a bit of rock action...

no damage here...
but i scored a nice set of scratches in my right pannier a little further on..
(no pictures...but unfortunately, in this case that doesnt mean it 'didnt happen' )

plenty of great views out here..


we finally started down the 'west leg', think it was called "Goat Track"..

after we came down out of the range, the track was sand......lots of it...all of it..

Phil wasnt likin it at all...

we got to the bottom of the west leg and were pretty knackered so decided to just roll up the centre of the Grampians a little and set camp...

it was off the beaten track again..

with lots of dead ends..

after a fair bit of 'nope, this is a shit spot'.. we decided to gun it down to Dunkeld and camp there...

It was getting dark and we had about an hour to travel..
a few close calls with roos and rabbits saw us slow (maybe)

then of course the weather changed and the wind picked up..

we hit asphelt but it was windy as hell with leaves and stuff constantly blowing over the road (and small branches blowning out of trees)

We made Dunkeld in the dark, hit the campground and the caretaker was 'out'..

found a spot and i left Phil to start settin up his tent while i gunned it down to the pub to grab us a couple of beers..

walked into the pub to cheers from the locals "told you you'd be back!"

grabbed some take-aways and then the thunder and rain started bucketing down..

gota go i said.."be back...soon"

hooned back to camp in the rain to a swearing Phil who still didnt have his tent up..

i gave him a beer,

the lights went out..

i set my tent up...and watched Phil finish seting his up..

then the rain stopped...

we decide to hit the pub for a few..

walked down the blackend street wondering how long the power would be out, got to the pub where the lights were out too..

"sorry guys the powers out, we had to close.."

"what, whats wrong with your generator?" i enquired..

"we dont have one..."

what sort of yuppie pub with a pool and $150 per head dinners in the middle of no-where doesnt have a generator i wondered...

back to camp, crack out the cookers and torches.. oh and of couse a bottle of red that Phil had been carrying this whole time...

Phil had a cup, i cut the bottom off a coke bottle... we ate and drank..and hoped it didnt rain like this tomorrow......


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