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I dreamed about it and I was able to make it !!!!
Since the beginning of the winter, I watch for the weather report.
This morning everything seemed favorable for a good trip on the white.
First indication, the road is not loosened(kicked away) in front of the house, it is thus with the skis that I leave towards Donon by way of the collar(pass) of Chapellotte. Roads are white, it is the real ice rink. It is thus in 30-40 kph that I go towards this mountain which reserves me an excellent surprise but I do not still know him(it).
The first one stop in the small village of Allarmont to buy an excellent bread which we appreciate at home a lot.
It is the opportunity for the storekeeper to admire my bike and me to install the chaine on the wheel AR.
restarted in the assault of the collar of Donon. The chaine is far from being useless on such a slope.
I stop drinking a coffee in Donon, time to exchange some words with tourists sat at the table for a breakfast and naturally amazed to see one 2 wheels in these

Direction routes her which is not cleared the snow, I roll a small end towards Abreschviller but the common sense indicates me that it is better to take a not clear road by rising. Just the time to make some photos and I leave by the other valley which is more surer to join Saint Quirin and Abreschviller.

What this track?

I thus go to Donon since Abreschviller and very fast I meet in the powdery, approximately 10 in 15 cm almost blank. A young stop technical to replace the chained which crossed all the same 120 KM since I used him for the first faith.

Put shoes for nine left in the honorable speed of 50 km / hour in this powdery which flies of everywhere, on the highly-rated, inside the head of fork and finished in an immense cloud behind me.
It is some caviar, I dreamed about it for some years and this faith this I am there, I am alone, not a car, just a squirrel probably intrigued by the unusual equipage will come to show its nose to cross rashly in about ten meter in front of the motorcycle. Impossible to miss him in such a decoration.

Arrived at the top after good about twenty km, I take time to admire the landscape lit by a sunbeam, and more brake AR, the pedal rise and come down. Of the ice had stuck to the disk during the rise(climb), the time(weather) to make hundred of meter rested brake and everything is back to normal again
It was so good that I turn back to begin(prime) the descent with no problem at all of brakes because I brake from time to time. For the descent I need it.
It almost arrived below that the other thing(matter) of bizarre takes place. The motorcycle seems to want to accelerate on my place, not means to cut gases. I brake with the back at the same time I realize that the handle of gas is free.
Injectors are totally ice-covered and I suppose that the butterflies are blocked. I still roll 2 or 3 km by measuring gases with the brake AR and I stop to unchain(to give rise to). I cut the engine because by stopping work it leaves to 6000 towers.

I quickly notice that my idea was the maid, I free the butterflies to put them in slow motion and I restart the engine to melt the ice. The time of hotter the chaine and to tidy up it that the ice had freed 2 injectors.
I always leave with skis because the road is always covered with snow in places for return at the house with the immense pleasure to have realized this dream.
Some figures:
The motorcycle: quite full 250 kg makes + 15 kg for skis
This morning 160 km of roads covered by snow in 4:30 am among which 60 km of powdery
An assembly of chained
A replacement of chained
A dismantling of chained
Several stops photos coffee bread.

A big smile in spite of them -10C.
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