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Baja Trip to the tip RR

Edit, here's a little teaser of this trip:

I'm going to Cabo Tomorrow. It's been a hectic few days getting ready to go.
Here's my bike two weeks ago

I'm going with a large group of guys from cafe husky. We have a chase truck and everything, ooh la la I'm not used to such luxury! One of the guys raced Baja and Dakar... If I come in 'not last' I'll feel pretty good about myself. We're riding from Tecate to Cabo San Lucas on Dirt. And then I finagled a little fishing on my buddy's yacht once we're there

Anyway, back to the bike. In all honesty I probably could have done nothing and hopped on the my bike and gone to Cabo. But I'm not one to pass on an opportunity to obsess, Farkle and stress out about trivial stuff so...

First on my hit list was this oil leak from the inspection covers

Its been bugging me since it started after my last valve inspection.

As I got into the bike I noticed that the breather hose was looking not-so-pristine

Next on my hit list is the chain guide

So I called my friends @ motoxotica and ordered a buttload of parts, new Ironman sprockets and chain, new tires new chain guide and hoses.

then I went REALLY nutso and scored a used Lynx fairing with dual HID headlights from fellow ADV'r.

SO I live on a boat in a marina, I tried really hard to be unobtrusive and work on my bike in a out of the way locale.
(my bike's the one behind the tree)

Sure enough the Marina Manager comes and tells me the property manager was giving him grief about me working on my bike on the property.
Rant mode on: YET, for some reason the other day when I went to the restaurant the 5 servers and manager didn't notice me and my girl sitting at an uncleared table for 10 solid minutes without service...
Before that, I sat with my little dog at a outside cafe table, and the restaurant manager came in like 30 seconds to tell me the dog couldn't be there... Then it took 5 minutes for a server to bring me a menu.

I "get" not wanting to have bikes torn apart on a resort lot, but seriously, get a F'n clue!

Lilly guarding the booty in my truck. Grrrrr!

I got the bike buttoned up on the 15th, but it made a horrible not right kind of noise... So on the truck it went so I could take it to the Doctor for a second opinion.

There are some 'issues' with owning a Husky. Here's a picture of my rear Fender support.

The 'issue' is that Husky hasn't imported any of these to the US for the last 6 months,
and this item fits multiple models. So as you can imagine replacements are rare. (IE: non-existant)

As you can see I've broken this one a FEW times. Anyway's Motoxotica couldn't get me a new one, so I was left with no choice but to take matters into my own hands.
I may have over-engineered this particular piece

Now don't get me wrong, there are a few plusses to owning a Husky as well, and one of the big ones is George Earl, owner of Up-Tite Husqvarna in Santa Ana Ca. I drove the bike down to have George have a listen to the tapping I thought I was hearing and we agreed it was better to do it again than risk a problem in Baja. But now the bike was warm from running, so I had to drive Back down to Santa Ana the next day to deal with it the next day.
George didn't care if I cluttered up his parking lot with my dirty bike, and his dog crash stood watch while I got back into the valves

Of course I had slopped thread sealer and permatex all over the inspection covers to adress my little oil leak, and then I had to go back in the next dang day.

Then George Worked his magic:

It was a good thing I took the bike in, cuz somehow I managed to totally mess up my first valve adjustment. George helped me out and whenhe got done the engine sang!

I found the engine mounts wanting a little torque so I tightened those up.

Got it buttoned up AGAIN. I hope I can keep it looking purdy for a little while:

George spent a good solid two hours going over my bike with a fine toothed comb looking for things to address for Baja.
I added a little extra battery hold-down in the form of a big-assed zip tie.

Next, I didn't like how the Lynx had a 30" power feed with no fuse at the battery, so I added a couple fuses near the Batt. One for the lynx and one for accessories.

I had George Fortify the husky fuel pump, replacing the lame & vulnerable plastic fuel disconnects with some brass ones he makes.

Then I added some bling
Pivot pegz was doing a group buy on their product so I thought what the heck and added a set.

Before you say anything, I'm not THAT retarded. I had to mount the thing to get enough leverage on the spring, but the pin wouldn;t go in because the brake lever interfered, so I had to get creative
They're so purdy I don't wanna fall no more and scratch em up!!

I added brand new grips, but they looked pretty worn by the time I wrestled the dang things on!!

I had a red Whelan Cop LED that I bought for my previous bike, but I could never find a place to mount it. So I decided to make a mount on the PMB rack. The only tools you need, vise grips and a BFH!

My new fender support was just a tad too wide and was a nightmare to get fitted. But now it's in place and it's a huge improvement. I'm pretty confident that this is one part that will survive. The fender may break around it, and I might mess up the sub-frame, but this piece is bullet-proof.

Here's the finished brake light. It's SCARY bright and with the flasher circuit I added, it's amazing how cages react when I hit the brakes. The HID up front has made a noticeable difference as well.

Next up I added a FuzeBlock. I got tired of adding stuff to my old bike and having wiring every where, so this time I decided to do it right.

I added seperate circuits for GPS, Heated Gear, and a 2-way radio that I got for this trip.

The Husky is pretty bullet resistant out of the box. There's not a lot of stuff to do
But George did suggest a little extra Chafe protection for the electrics

Honestly I could have probably done this and changed the oil and been good to go, but where's the fun in that?

I changed out several of the cheese colored husky bolts (co-incidence I think not!) with some hardened ones, and further beefed up my anti-chafe regimen.

I made a bracket for the Lynx to use the two for mounting bolts rather than the one it normally uses.

Lubed up all of the spoke nipples and zip tied the spokes

Added new brake pads and so that's the prep that went in pre-flight I decided to 'test' all this stuff before the big trip and took a ride out to stoddard wells. It went badly. Very Very Badly.
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