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Originally Posted by motoged
Badly ???? Just HOW badly?????
Well, I was feeling pretty good. Ready to go. And then tonight...

I sneezed.

H O L Y C R A P ! ! !

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

SO some people got into my head about riding on new pivot pegs all the way to Cabo without trying them first. SO I decided I better have a shakedown cruise.

So last weekend I went out to Stoddard wells with my usual riding group in the LA Weekend Ride

I wasn't going to come on this ride, but I woke up inexplicably at 4:30am and figured I should test out some of the Farkles I've been adding to the bike. And I know and Like most of the folks who were going so I decided to slog 100 miles on the highway.

I Remembered Someone mentioning Denny's for breakfast, but I couldn't remember which Denny's. I passed one by and decided to turn around and see if anybody was there. Good thing I did because my new rear tire was thrashed. I thought DOT Rated was kind of a performance benchmark like SNELL. A not rated helmet still works. But Non-DOT tires do not work on the highway, at all I'm sure you knew this but I didn't

I was going to turn around and drive home super slowly, but Bouncing billy wouldn't have it and Nowwhat said I could ride the dirt all day on that tire. So we loaded it up in BB's Truck.

Here's my "new" Maxxis Desert tire, ready for Baja!!

We went UP a steep assed hill climb that tried to kill me and biggiefalls a few weeks ago. I made it first try back then,

Only two of us made it up some fairly steep & loose crap so I was feeling pretty good about myself.

The last time we rode this area there was a hill climb that gave biggie some problems. I went charging up it thinking I'd done it before how bad could it be? I didn't make it 1/3 the way up and my front deflected off a rock and I went down hard on my head and left side. Broke the visor off the Shoei, and put a nice scratch in the brand new Shield
My Wrist was killing me, I'm calling it a bad sprang, I have full movement and the swelling has gone down since it happened, but honestly I think I might have cracked something in there. 7 day trip to Baja in 6 days. And with the holiday only four shopping days to deal with the carnage. Smart

I destroyed my helmet, So a third trip to Orange County to Shoei's corporate office to pick up some screw and whatnot I put the helmet back together. That makes $100 in gas just to pick up crap for my lack of planning In all honesty, this helmet is done, but I didn't have the time or more importantly the $$ for a new one at the moment. So a little Krazy glue and $10 in parts from Shoei and it's ready to go

Here's one of the bruises on my side.

Then all week I've felt pretty good and was getting excited about the trip, but then tonight I had a little sneeze attack and thought I was gonna die.
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