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Part Numbers

Hi Mate
I'm rebuilding a mates and have ordered the later 2006 3rd gear part number as a precautionary measure.

Can you please give me your reference as I checked the USA Babbits Online parts listing and the same gears by part number are listed from 2006 to 2009 for all the gears. Their site does show the 3rd gear update in 2006 but nothing new in gears from there to current.

If you have identified an even later update I am keen to use that part.


Originally Posted by LukasM

I also checked the microfiches and can confirm that the part was changed in 08. Interestingly enough a bunch of other transmissions parts have been gradually updated since 96 as well.

When we have the first 08s blow up, maybe it's time to look at having a replacement made. It's always the drive gear that breaks, right?

Does anybody have an idea how much a single gear like this could cost if you make a batch of 50 or so out of better material?

By the way, you forgot to add my buddy Klay to the list (hi Klay! ), see post # 65.
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